Your Guide to Destination Weddings During a Global Pandemic | Canadian Travel Update

Covid-19 has put a real damper on wedding plans, especially for those who are traveling to a special destination for the big day.

A lot of effort goes into planning your big day. Right from your wedding dress to the decorations, you probably have everything carefully decided, excitement growing with each passing day. The fairy tale is about to come true and your dreams of feeling like a princess is almost here.

But don’t hold your breath for long, the real world is dealing with a crisis. The coronavirus pandemic has truly shattered a lot of dreams like this. But it does not mean that you should get disheartened. Although dealing with a global pandemic can easily get on your nerves, you should be a lot more practical. After all, you had a destination wedding planned that now needs a lot more planning. So take a deep breath and read on the various ways in which you can still get that dream wedding:

Option #1: Plan a Back-up Domestic Wedding

I understand that you wanted to get married at an exotic location, but most of that can happen while you are stuck in your hometown. Since travel is restricted at the moment, it can be quite difficult to actually get through a destination wedding that way you always wanted. So rather than trying to plan a destination wedding that is not possible right now, try planning a domestic one that will be both logical and convenient given the situation.

Things to Know While Getting Married During a Pandemic

So, if you are trying to plan a domestic wedding amid the coronavirus pandemic, there are a few things that you should keep into consideration.

Make it an Intimate Affair

While you are planning a wedding during a pandemic, you are now responsible for the safety of your loved ones. So, be sure that you only invite the people who are really close to you and you would have never imagined getting married without their presence. Also, some countries have only allowed a gathering of 50 people. So, plan all your events and ceremonies based on the guidelines put forward by your country to avoid any sort of hassle. Also, be sure to stay abreast of all the latest orders regarding your wedding location. While your wedding will be an intimate affair, you can always throw a grand party once we are out of this crisis.

The Preparations

There are a lot of things that you would have to consider to ensure utmost safety of your guests while they witness you tie the knot. The seating arrangement should be done in a way that everyone is able to maintain enough distance from others. You can also get fancy masks and gloves that will accentuate their overall look and even protect them. The venue can also include various sanitisation corners from where your guests can grab mini sanitiser bottles. You can even get a few automatic sanitiser dispensers that do not require you to touch the bottle with your hands.

Your Safety

Now that you are sure of your guests’ safety, your safety comes next. Since this is your day, you should not look your best but also feel your best. Before your wedding day, there will be a number of people who will meet you, some for personal reasons, some for professionals. Be sure that you take all the necessary precautions so that you can steer clear of this deadly virus. Most importantly, be sure you hire a trusted makeup artist and he/she obliges with utmost sanitisation practices while she gets you titivated for your big day.

Option #2: Postpone If Possible

If you think getting married right now is not ideal and you wish to wait until the pandemic is over, it is a great thought as well. Because to be honest, it does call for a celebration when we are done with a global level crisis. And what could be a better way to celebrate than stepping into your new life! Since destination weddings seem to a possibility when the pandemic is over, you can walk down the aisle just the way you thought in the first place. But there are also a few things that you should know if you are planning on a destination wedding even after the pandemic is over.

Planning a Destination Wedding Post-Pandemic

Travel Updates

It might take a while for the world to come back to its normal pace even once we have dealt with the virus. International travel might still have a few restrictions and it is best to adhere to it and ensure a safe trip. Be sure you double-check as to how your home country and your destination country is handling international travels and what the different travel advisories laid down by each of them.

Book in Advance

According to various wedding planners, there is already a huge surge seen in the venue bookings for the upcoming year. This is quite obvious since most of the couples would have decided to postpone their wedding to 2021 and they have already made their bookings. So, if you have a venue in mind, be sure to make reservations as soon as possible.

Option #3: Have a Virtual Wedding

If you wish to get married on the same day you chose initially, go ahead. You can either go live or invite your friends and family members for a virtual wedding. This is one of the most preferred ways for people who do not want to shift their wedding date. You will still be able to get the blessings of your parents on your special. And you can always throw a majestic soiree when the situation is back to normal.

No matter how difficult the times are, we are going to get through this phase and emerge even stronger. After all, narrating the tale of getting married during a pandemic to your children is bound to fetch you a lot of gasps in the future.