Wedding Planning During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Preparing for your dream wedding just got harder

Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it.  The wedding industry is no exception to the chaos and 2021 is expected to be busy making up for postponements.

Since the onset of the pandemic in March, many couples have been forced to consider down-sizing their events, postponing or cancelling their original wedding dates.  With government mandated restrictions on social gatherings, vendors and couples are left in a very awkward position.

Be ready for anything!

Considering how quickly things are changing, it’s important for couples to exercise fluidity when planning their upcoming wedding. One week social gatherings may be restricted to 50 people or less and then next week it may be restricted down to 10.  Staying communicative with vendors about available options and remaining realistic with your own expectations can be a couple’s greatest strength.

If virtual events (yes, zoom weddings are a thing) or reduced guest lists aren’t an option, the next step would be to look into later date celebrations.  Some vendors have created flexible plans for couples looking to reschedule, but the true problem arises when the future date isn’t available.

Losing a vendor deposit can be a challenge for some couples, as South Asian weddings are known to be large and lavish.In this case we recommend starting from the top – reschedule your most important vendors first.  Reaching out to vendors and having a very honest conversation is the most crucial step to planning ahead and can help couples save a forfeit in deposit.

Close to Home Celebrations

With widespread travel bans in place – most weddings outside of the state/country are probably cancelled.  A surge in domestic weddings is expected for 2021.  On the flip-side, finding a venue that is close to home could be seen as a more budget-friendly option for couples.  Finding open-air resorts or spacious outdoor parks can be a beautiful alternative for couples to consider.

If waiting for restrictions to be lifted on outdoor venuesis not an option – couples are also being encouraged to take part in virtual weddings.  The state of New York officially recognized Zoom weddings, and there’s no saying other regions won’t follow.  With family and friends tuning in on zoom, having a virtual wedding can be a very intimate and safe alternative for couples who just don’t want to wait.

Your Dream Wedding

Above all, wedding planning during and after covid-19 demands having a vision.  The to-do list has changed and the number of sanitary protocols has gotten larger than we’ve ever expected.  Being able to clearly envision what’s most important and putting those items on the top of the list is crucial.  Staying organized can be easy – from Pinterest vision boards to online project management tools, having that checklist ready will make things easier to manage for the couple and their vendors.

Moving Forward

All the checklists, preparations and rescheduling may not help every couple forget the honeymoon in Bali that they had to forfeit to Covid-19 this year, but remembering that weddings are about the love between two people and finding a way to share it with family and friends will never go underrated.

Coronavirus is here to stay – for the foreseeable future.  It’s all about adjusting to the “new normal” and making the best of the current situation.  Now is the time to start thinking about how to move forward.  Your wedding day is something to cherish for a lifetime, no matter how you celebrate it.