These Covid Proposal Ideas Have Us in Tears

If you love someone, there is nothing that can stop you from opening up your heart!

The way we express our love to our significant other is constantly evolving. From following the traditional normsand getting on one kneeto becoming a hopeless romantic and booking an entire stadium to pop the question, there is indeed a myriad of ways to ask “Will you marry me?”. If you ask me, all of them are as adorable as it could get.

While the way people propose marriage has come a long way, we do have limited options amidst a pandemic. There are a lot of things that Covid-19 has taken away from us, but there is still one thing that it can never snip – Love. If you love someone, there is nothing that can stop you from opening your heart up! Here are a few stories of people who chose to pop the question and did not let a pandemic stop them from turning their beau into their fiancé:

Witnessing via Google Hangouts

PJ Bruno delivered an adorable marriage proposal to his long-time girlfriend Jaz Zepatos, while their friends and family members secretly witnessed the entire ambush. The New York couple was quarantined at Bruno’s parents’ house in Delaware. They cherished this special moment with their loved ones through a video call and celebrated it via Google Hangouts.

Well, Bruno had formulated an elaborate artifice in which Jaz (who is a social media specialist and actress) would be invited to a fake audition. But due to the current scenario,Bruno could not swoop in with the gigantic engagement ring to surprise his to-be fiancé. This forced him to switch to plan B and get a quarantine engagement instead.

Zepatos eventually caught a glimpse of the laptop where all her loved ones were witnessing Bruce popping the question. She was so thrilled that she could hold her tears back. And to be honest, I am all teary-eyed as well.

A Proposal in “The City of Love”

Seeing the love of your life get down on one knee in front of the Eiffel Tower with a diamond ring in his hand is a dream proposal that most girls dream of. Similar were Luke McClong’s proposal plans,but the pandemic made it quite impossible for him to take his beloved to the “The City of Love” and pop the question. This didn’t stop him from conveying his emotions to Erika Diffendall, his girlfriend. He decided to bring Paris to Virginia, where they were quarantined. Luke made his own little Paris with a chalked-out version of Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe on a brick.  After all, all that really matters are the emotions and effort that go into a proposal and that is exactly what Luke did to surprise Erika!

No Ring Proposal

Chris was planning to buy a ring for his girlfriend Kristen when the coronavirus pandemic hit. This left Chris with no ring but a lot of possibilities. Not even a pandemic could stop him from popping the question.So, he decided to propose with any random ring that he could find during this time. Because as pretty as a ring may be, all that truly matters is love and affection not the exclusivity of a jewel. Chris Crane proposed to Kristen Dejong with a  ring pop in his hand, making it one of the most hilarious and creative proposals of all time. “So, this happened,” she told her Instagram fam with a caption that read – “Yes, it is a ring pop, we’re getting hitched!”

The Best Use of an Empty Street

Planning a proposal in the middle of a street in Fort Worth, Texas would not be a great idea on a usual day. But during a pandemic, any location can turn into an amazing proposal spot. And this what Angel Garza did and made the best use of an empty street. He proposed to his girlfriend Alyssa right in the middle of the street which made it look like a scene straight out of a movie. They had the entire place to themselves without even making an effort for it. They even managed to get a few amazing pictures right after the proposal, all while maintaining a safe distance from the photographers. Indeed, you can turn any gloomy situation into a magical occasion with a little creativity.

Said Yes in Sweatpants

The pandemic has got us all to spend our entire days in sweatpants and night suits. Most of us have actually forgotten how it felt like dressing up and doing some makeup. Well, to be honest this was a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. This is the time when we get to rejoice ourselves in our purest forms. This is exactly what Bill and Kristen did and got their literal quarantine proposal moment right at their comfy living room. Bill decorated the place with rose petals while their two dogs accompanied him while he popped the question. “Bill & I are engaged, in sweatpants, no makeup and dirty hair,” Kristen announced on Instagram.

Let the Masks Do the Talking

Imagine surviving a pandemic without the love of your life by your side. Things seemed a little difficult for Beth when her boyfriend who is a New Jersey police officer could not stay with her during this time. After a month of staying apart, Beth finally saw him and in that moment she also saw his mask the read “WYMM,” as in, “Will you marry me?” Beth answered in the perfect way and wrote “Yes” on her mask. Now that’s what we call a perfect proposal amidst a pandemic. According to them, it took them quite some time to find each other and they did not want to wait another second. While Beth was worried about him owing to the current scenario, this special moment took all the gloominess away and cheered her up.

Love is one emotion that even a pandemic cannot incarcerate. So, if you are planning to pop the question, don’t wait too long.I am sure that these adorable COVID proposal ideas will inspire you and help you come up with an amazing proposal plan no matter what your situation is.